Marbella & Manja

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My BF Manja, my girl who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing in almost 20 years, WOW! As I told you here, she is so F* awesome and decided to move to Marbella with her fams, and that of course cannot happen without me visiting as as soon as they were settled. WHAT A F* AWESOME gem they’ve found right there in amazing Spain. I grew up in Malaga, and I was so excited to be back, and we even visited my childhood home, and I rang my neighbours door and they still f* lived there, that was AMAZEBALLS!
I had such a fantastic time just hanging out and chilling og the porch and catching up and not to mention her CUTE kids. I’ll be back very soon Mana.

Room with a view, pretty much

That was my room

Having a hotel bathroom requires a mirror selfie

GEM, I wanna live here

Manja & Benja chilling on the porch

Manja & Holly

I basically had these everyday when we lived here

Grocery shopping detour

Sweet spreads… for days

Candy … for days

The soda isle

Íberico Ham

Fried Calamari



& Vegas… I love you guys

Pooling & Coolin’

The day i rained we went shopping, I bought so manu ceramics, that I had overweight AGAIN!

Nice packaging, for very awesome sugar

FAVORITE dessert in the world

Tanning and talking

This is El Coto, from here I could remember the drive to my childhood home, we used to come here after school and have tortilla and bollycao

And here it is, it used to white and I remember it as so much bigger, we rang the doorbell but nobody was home, I would have loved to see my old room.


A little batch of my overweight, I bought snacks for my Boo

Gonna see you again soon Mana – Smooches – LATER

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Berlin I Still Love You

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I went to Berlin last week, to finish my Giraffe tattoo on my leg by Wendy from Taiko Gallery – I was basically in Berlin for 48 hours, but I still managed to pack my bag with so much that I had overweight, this is my curse, every F* TIME! Well I took home tons of awesome stuff.
I stayed at my friend Floras place, which is just a dream apartment, she truly knows how to decorate in a unique way, so if you need you place decorated call her.
I arrived Tuesday, went to Floras work space and dropped off my bag, then we went out for a coffee, she likes good coffee just like me WIN! Then I walked around for a couple of hours and had lunch at my favourite spot Cocolo Ramen in X-berg, just go there. The next day, I had my session at 3pm, so I needed a heavy breakfast and lunch, so I went to Roamers, this place is amazing, the brunch, the breakfast AND the coffee is spectacular, from there I went second hand shopping at Humana, Berlin is packed with Humanas, but my favourite is the one in Mitte at Alexander Strasse and the humongous one in Friedrichshain, a good advice: Eat and find a restroom before going and have TIME! They are HUGE, and if you’re patient you can find so much good stuff, I bought a brand new Barbour jacket, Kenzo Jeans, Yves Saint Laurent silk pants, Gucci wool pants and a Givenchy jacket just to name a few. Then I went to Taiko Gallery for my leg session, we finished it and I am so F* STOKED. It took 6,5 hour, so our plan of going to Monkey Bar for cocktails, was cancelled, I went directly to bed with an episode of the Keepers. My last day was a German Holiday, so we slept in ( I havn’t done that in a while, felt F* GREAT ) Then we went for a walk in various Parks, and stopped for good coffee and drinks. Then I went back home, and just like that I emptied my bank account, worth every penny thou’

Airport sneeze

Good coffee at

X-berg on my way to Cocolo Ramen

This place!

Wantan Ramen

Shot with freshly squeezed grapefruit

Best ice cream I have ever had

Roamer Avocado toast with scrambled egg

Humana Kenzo Jeans, that was a YAY

Picking up sugar snacks for my tattoo session, and they have VARIETIES!!

This one not so much, but still fun thou’


Lunching at Le Bon

And here we go

VOILA Gironcé


Neukölln parks

Breakfast and more good coffee at Agora

Flammkuchen and Aperol Sekt

1, 2, 3 drink and pose

Prachtwerk for Coffee & Cake

Lavender shortbread and ALmond Polenta lemon cake, both very good, and inspired me to make a lavender yoghurt loaf.

And just like that days passed and on my way back

Thank you Berlin and Flora for having me stay at your place.


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Dates, Cocoa Powder, Coconut & Almonds

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Best snack almost EVER!

Easy peasy and they are seriously GOOD!
3 tbsp Coconut flour
1 handful of almonds
150g  soft dates, (Medjol dates preferably) They are all moist and caramellized.
1 tbsp melted coconut oil (don’t have it? Use butter)
1tsp vanilla extract or vanilla powder
3 tbsp unsweetened raw cocoa powder (The dark stuff)

In a food processor grind the coconut flour and almonds, as fine as possible, set a side.
Chop your dates finely, set a side.
In a blender or foodprocessor, add your dates, coconut oil, almond/coconut grind, cocoa powder and vanilla. BLEND ’till there are no more chunks, it is almost the consistence of playdough. Roll them in either cocnt flour or cocoa powder, or whatever you feel like, put them in a container and keep them in the fridge. YUM!!

My son LOVES them in his lunchbox, and I do too.

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Today & Me

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Marbella, Malaga & My BFF

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Tomorrow VERY early I’ll be leaving to visit my BF Manja who recently moved to Marbella with her family, just like that they moved and I LOVE & respect them for being so darn courageous and doing what comes to their mind, and not worrying about what others would have done, they are so f* DOPE, and big inspiration to me and my family.
I can’t F* wait to just chill with her kids and hang out with Manja on the patio and drink some chilled wine. OH, and I will also be visiting my childhood home, YES I grew up in Malaga, Spain, and I haven’t been back in 15 years. I am thrilled, I was thinking about knocking on the door and asking the new owners if I could have a look at my old room, I have so many memories from that time..

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Johnny Cake & Rum

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Martin and I did a mix of all the tracks we listened to on our Island adventure, go have a listen, you’ll love it, I promise.

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Today & Me

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Us Virgin Islands / St. Croix #3

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Part 3 and the last of our AMAZING trip to St. Croix

Here is the beautiful Cramers Park Beach, need I say more?

Getting ready to dive in, acting like I got long hair, I need to fix first.. bla bla bla

Driving to Point Udall, to Hike the Isaacs Bay, no wonder they call it a Scenic drive.
The hike is beautiful, we did it in flip flops. It’s really just a 10 minute walk

My cutiepie, Oh and it is Isaacs Bay in the background

Family Photo
The corals here…
1 2 3
IMG_5301 IMG_5302
National Radio Astronomy Observatory read about it here.. Pretty awesome
A stop at PaQuitos for some local cooked food yet again..
Ducana, Sweet potatoes, shredded fresh coconut, spices and then cooked. WOW!
Tostones, I love these, my stepmom have made these for us overtime we came to visit since we were little.
Stewed Goat
Stewed Chicken
My heart
Sailing to Buck Island
IMG_5328 IMG_5323
It’s true what they say, Buck Island is truly a gem. Absolutely beautiful, to say the less

Blue and green
Having a snorkel moment
Yup that’s me right out here

My all and everything: this guy

Our 2nd last day, we went back to Frederiksted to walk the pier and look at sea turtles
A stop at Pollys for a snack and a coffee
Last stop at the beach

Passing my dreamhome on the way back
Also passed this historic church a couple of times. I was in some way drawn to it overtime, so I had to stop and take some pictures


Our last day, we went to Cane Bay beach for breakfast at the little foodtruck just of the road
IMG_5464 IMG_5461
Then back to our crib, spending the last hours by the pool.
I LOVE the Caribbean and St. Croix is definitely no excuse. This trip has been magical, and I am already planning our new adventure. I intend to travel the world for the rest of my life.


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US Virgin Islands / St. Croix #2

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So on to part 2… If you havn’t seen part 1, do that here 

Fort Frederik, which we pretty much has to ourselves
This city is so G’ d* beautiful

This Island is packed with churches everywhere you look, you will see a beautiful church
Walking around Christianssted
Enjoying a meal at this fabulous spot Harveys we got the best ever service, and the food was AMAZING!
BBQ chicken, coleslaw, plantains, seasoned rice, and potato salad, oh and not to mention the HOT SAUCE!

We had one day of rain, so we went roadtrippin through the rainforrest and visited old Sugar Mill Ruins
Build with rocks & corals
When the Sun came out, we went to the beach, but of course. Benny LOVES the beach
IMG_5009 IMG_5012 IMG_5018

Rainforrest for miles and miles, we were afraid we would wreck the Yaris
An abandoned mail truck
This house in the jungle thou’

Time for the farmers market, this is every Wednesday and Saturday mid Island, and you MUST go, here I bought homemade curry spices and nutmegs from the garde just up the street.


Avocados the size of Bennys headIMG_5077

I also bought Honey from the IslandIMG_5076 IMG_5075

And I was introduced to a breadfruit IRL
Fermented Habanero
No vacationing without having a juice every day
Even though the Sun wasn’t out we visited Sandy Point Beach, they are only open Saturday & Sunday and they close from April-November, to let the Turtles have some peace. The water here was f* MAGICAL
IMG_5099 IMG_5114 IMG_5106
Just look at these colours

Rowdy Joes for lunch, H* YEAH! Fresh grilled Mahi Mahi tacos and BBQ ribs and a Rum & Homemade Rootbeer – Just wow, if you go visit, also try the Lamb/curry Empanadas..
Another day at the Beach
IMG_5193 IMG_5192 IMG_5196
And as if you havn’t had enough of the Beaching, I’m already loading pictures for part 3…. Stay tuned

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I had a talk with giving my recommendations for the top 5 tracks that will be your favourite Summer tracks this Summer, go have a listen here


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US Virgin Island / St. Croix #1

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My dream job, would be travelling around the world for travel sites describing the atmosphere and recommending people do’s and don’t’s. So if you here about that job, let me know.

Until then, we just got back from stunningly beautiful St. Croix Island, a part of the US Virgin Islands, we were supposed to visit all 3 Island, but decided to stay put in St. Croix.This place is breathtaking. We went with Norwegian direct from Copenhagen.
It’s expensive at the Islands even coming from Denmark where everything is expensive, but with that said, you can get around all the imported stuff and do your shopping at the farmers markets and meat markets, and grill yourself a Tuna or grassfed beef. They are focusing more and more on their local produce, which is just awesome. The local transport is $1,50 and it takes you back and forth from Christiansted to Frederiksted.
We started out with 6 days in Frederiksted at the Inn on Strand st. All accommodations are quite pricy even the Airbnb rentals, but this spot was cheap, and we loved it. We had early bird breakfast at our terrasse every morning. Frederiksted is quite worn down but in a charming way, it’s very quiet, but as the locals say: West is Best, the Beaches in the West part of the Island are BEAUTIFUL, we literally snorkelled with sea turtles right of the beach. We ate alot at Pollys for late 2nd breakfast and we had local stews with rice and breadfruit at Rose’s and Johnny cakes at Mercedes Bar and restaurant. We didn’t rent a car the first week, we just relaxed in Frederiksted and went to Frederiksted beach and Rainbow beach for a Sunday Funday (google it) It was packed ALL day.
The remaining 8 days we had rented this amazing crib at Carambola Golf course and we rented a tiny Yaris and we spent 2 days driving around the entire Island, we went to the rainforrest and drove up to Point Udall and hiked to Isaacs Bay, absolutely worth the drive. My personal favourite was Cramers bay, take the East 82 to Point Udall and stop at Cramers park beach, WOW, just WOW. We also took a day of sailing where we visited the Buck Island Koral reef for snorkelling, I have travelled and snorkelled ALOT, but the korals here were beautiful not that much marine life thou’ but beautiful BIG korals.
Staying at the Carambola Gold course, had us visiting the Carambola beach, which is in front of the Renaissance resort, but it is a public beach and it is stunning, it’s surrounded by lush mountains and the water is magical. In that area we also went to Cane Bay beach, which is said to be one of the best, but I wasn’t at all impressed, BUT drive a little further and you can have the best ever fish tacos at Rowdy Joes, and then go to Off the Wall to see the Sunset while having a Rum Punch, even more WOW. Well I could keep going, but I’ll let the first batch of pictures speak for themselves …

13 hours flight, no problem, when you have on board TV – THANK GOD

Frederiksted Pier
We stayed right here in frederiksted
Every single building has color
Fort Frederik
Cactus everywhere
HAPPY BIRTHDAY My little favourite Human
Celebrating in Christianssted
Fried chicken and Johnny Cake
IMG_4630 IMG_4636 IMG_4635 IMG_4687
Bennys photographed me
IMG_4652 IMG_4693 IMG_4689 IMG_4695 IMG_4698 IMG_4696 IMG_4701 IMG_4726 IMG_4708 IMG_4731 IMG_4735 IMG_4717
Frederiksted Beach
IMG_4741 IMG_4747 IMG_4813 IMG_4814
I stole some of these flowers and took them back and they are beautiful in our flat
IMG_4819 IMG_4816
Stewed Curry Chicken
Fried Fish
IMG_4828 IMG_4829

Frederiksted Beach hangout
Lime in a Coconut
Best F* ever drink!!
It’s a good thing I divided the posts since there will be TONS of beach pics
IMG_4898 IMG_4894
Having a moment
IMG_4929 IMG_4919
And one more
aaaaaand one more
Chilling at the terrasse
And having a Rum and watching the Sunset
IMG_4958I’ll be back with Part 2 TOMORROW!!


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Random Pink ’cause I feel like it

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tumblr_oj857ehtrO1qdsqp6o1_1280 tumblr_o43v25bGXg1qh5mm9o1_540 tumblr_npv9zu3mVK1qftmhbo1_500 tumblr_nsj08hp2KK1qb141to1_500 tumblr_nw799rerI41qa4gsro1_500 tumblr_ogqpvhNPTI1vnm7bio1_500 tumblr_ohzphykPAF1uzh1lko1_500 tumblr_oh046ycO0J1qad56lo1_500 tumblr_oc1l6by3JA1qa4gsro1_500 tumblr_oc9owj2aK71u3e4cro1_540 tumblr_n9my1y2k1M1r6lxzlo1_1280 tumblr_ofd5bajQMf1ug2e72o1_500 tumblr_oje7yaIWsl1rwo8o4o1_1280 tumblr_n54genGqdn1qfhbsvo2_r1_1280 tumblr_meoi6kgckq1qcrbajo1_1280 tumblr_o7ag3gIKdp1u1qnwto1_1280 tumblr_nxaa0n5J8L1tok3dbo1_1280

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Allan Bestle

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I am a big fan of the work by Allan Bestle, and he just launched his new website, where you can browse through all his work, go have a look, its MAGIC




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Today & Me

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Bowl Market

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There’s a new spot in town, and it so happens to be in my hood, BOWL MARKET, – Something I have been missing a lot, a breakfast spot, which opens early, so you actually can eat breakfast before going to work, and if you’re in a hurry, you can take it on the go. I have only had the porridges, and they are marvellous, not only ’cause they taste good, they serve you a serious sized bowl (THANK YOU), and they put 2 layers of topping, kinda like a trifli, so porridge, topping, porridge, and then topping : GENIUS!!!!! The prices are good, and the staff super duper friendly. GO VISIT!!

Here I had the The Classic porridge with salted almonds, caramel sauce and apples. Oh and I ate it all.


Oh and for the gluten frees, they make that too.


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Today & Me

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My little Peanut will start kindergarten in 1 week, how did this happen so fast?
That also means I am gonna make him awesome lunches everyday, like my Mom always did, she is the bomb by the way!! I wanted to find him an awesome lunchbox (yeah I know there are more important things in life, than a rad lunchbox) but I have been looking forward to this, and I like STUFF and even more I like AWESOME stuff. So I got him a kids Bento Box from MonBento. You can customise the colours and the food stays fresh and crisp, and even better they are:

Microwave-safe (without lids)
Food grade

These are the Tresor kids lunchboxes, I got Benny the green one

monbento-tresor-review-from-eats-amazing-uk-cute-and-colourful-bento-box-for-kids monbento-lunch-box-kids-bento-box-mb-tresor-kiwi-green monbento-lunch-box-kids-bento-box-mb-tresor-kiwi-green-2 foto-detskij-lanch-boks-monbento-mb-tresor-kiwi-photo1_enl

It’s pretty cute if you ask me!!




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Today & Me

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I was asked some time in the Summer, if I would like to be the face of the new P.HERTZ  campaign, they wanted to express confidence, coolness and push some boundaries and tell the world that their jewellery are for everybody not just the Royalty. YES, you heard me, they make fab jewellery to the f* ROYALTY, and they wanted me as the face of their campaign. STOKED & PROUD!
The 2nd part of the campaign was released yesterday and I am so pleased with it, and I am so proud to be a part of this.

How f* COOL IS THIS?? Oh and not to mention Berit Hertz, who run the show, she is so cool. Stop by the shop and have a browse, they are so friendly and they have the most BEAUTIFUL pearls, and it’s A okay to only have a browse and get inspired and dream…. Oh because you will dream og those big rocks.

Have a look:


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The Mascara Jungle

November 23rd, 2016 by Christel Pixi · Uncategorized

I seem to use my mascara way too fast. Like this morning where I squeezed the last out of it. So I am looking for a new mascara, and there are ALOT to choose from WOW, it’s a Freakin’ jungle- I fell in love with the Eyeko from OtherStories, even though I had never tried them, so I might go for those, I also fell in love with 8 other ones, PLEASE send you recommendations my way, I have been looking at:

The Eye do from Eyeko
uk200011821_eyeko eyeko-cm-landscape

The Bombazine Black from &Other Stories
I have used Kat Von D make up after I dj’ed at her Sephora Launch, and it is GOOD

When I was younger I really liked this one from MaxFactormax-factor-mascara-masterpiece-max-01-black
I also used this one from L’oréal for a couple of years, I might go back to this one
19764373-origpic-8d8178_zps933898b8 mascarawands
Way too many to choose from

I ran out of this awesome everyday mascara from Benefit, this morning. I might need this one again.


This one caught me eye, just cause it’s pretty, but is it good? 85623-forside

Maybelline, I have used some of those too, the Yellow one is pretty awesome..
best-maybelline-mascara-for-length-volume maybelline-mascara-colossal-waterproof-classic-black-041554197044-o

I have never tried Too Faced, but maybe I should?

g_80018 9f219313e43ec823b0d52e7edfe52dd1
Last but not least, Sephora!!

HELP a girl out, which to choose?

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