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Let’s just say my last post was on the Rihanna concert in Copenhagen, that ended well. We ended up backstage and went with her and her posse clubbing and hanging out and drinking all night, so let’s just say that since that night, I haven’t been able to top it with anything. Just high on life..
That’s a pretty awesome excuse tho’ –
I have also been lazy and busy and I have put my family before my social media life, and I kinda like it like that. But I do miss blogging on Cristalmilk.

And I miss sharing my wishlist and mixtape and so on. So I might get my sh*t back together and go back to sharing all my ideas, pics, point of view, pretty stuff and materialist awesomeness

It’s Christmas next month, and I wanna be spoiled with all kinds of stuff.. I am dreaming of all kinds of sh*t, even a new plant, a new fragrance, something with silk and NEW HEELS

I grew up with these in my childhood home, I want one too.
It is no secret that some of my fav shoes are Dr. Martens and these beauties would fit me just perfect

I recently visited The Conran Shop in Chelsea London, and I fell in love with this fragrance from Etat Libre D’orange True Lust

Oh and I have a new obsession, I have been doing Bikram Yoga these past 2 months and it’s addictive and it works wonders, and it is my friend Sofie who is teaching and she is F* RAD!! So I am in need of tons of awesome yoga gear. The yoga thingy will get a post of it’s own.. I promise
The gym is WOLFPACKGYM and you can rent their mats from Moshi Moshi mind and they er GOOD!
I sweat like a pig when I’m there, to the point of embarrassment, so I need a real yoga towel too. I found out that the gear from Casall it’s pretty great. Hey if you have good recommendations, then let me know.

I wear close to naked when I’m there, so I have been pretty happy with Stellas super duper SHORT tights, I might need them in Black too..
Oh and while we’re at it, since I’ll be having a lot of gear, I need a membership to the gym too, hey go have a look, these peoples are GOOD PEOPLES!!

Enough of the workout n stuff, now to something pretty, Edition Copenhagen is a pretty rad spot to go buy your prints, I am in love with The Vase by Morten Buch
Winter is coming, so glossy blue bear-ish down jacket, is also on the wishlist
No wants and needs without a pair of ‘I will never afford you’ pumps, this time from PRADA at Net-A-Porter

I am the face of the new P.Hertz campaign this Fall/Winter, and I intend to get myself some luxury, such as this beauty, but with Tahiti pearls… WOW!!
Another one from Edition Copenhagen by Diango Hernandez – My Sons and Husbands middle name is Felix.. So it’s pretty obvious that I need this in my life!



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