I got a new dress

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Support for Joey Purp

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Joey Purp visited Copenhagen and I was booked as the warm up, these guys are rad and not to mention those tunes tho’ – Go have a listen at his Soundcloud

Oh and I dyed my hair, so will the real Slim Shady please stand up!


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$uicideboy$ / ETERNAL GREY

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I shared it when they released High Tide in The Snake’s nest, and it was love at first listen. In september they released ETERNAL GREY, which is some of the best tunes I have heard in 2016. Just click the link and download the album and turn the Volume UP!!!! Download all their tunes here


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Let’s just say my last post was on the Rihanna concert in Copenhagen, that ended well. We ended up backstage and went with her and her posse clubbing and hanging out and drinking all night, so let’s just say that since that night, I haven’t been able to top it with anything. Just high on life..
That’s a pretty awesome excuse tho’ –
I have also been lazy and busy and I have put my family before my social media life, and I kinda like it like that. But I do miss blogging on Cristalmilk.

And I miss sharing my wishlist and mixtape and so on. So I might get my sh*t back together and go back to sharing all my ideas, pics, point of view, pretty stuff and materialist awesomeness

It’s Christmas next month, and I wanna be spoiled with all kinds of stuff.. I am dreaming of all kinds of sh*t, even a new plant, a new fragrance, something with silk and NEW HEELS

I grew up with these in my childhood home, I want one too.
It is no secret that some of my fav shoes are Dr. Martens and these beauties would fit me just perfect

I recently visited The Conran Shop in Chelsea London, and I fell in love with this fragrance from Etat Libre D’orange True Lust

Oh and I have a new obsession, I have been doing Bikram Yoga these past 2 months and it’s addictive and it works wonders, and it is my friend Sofie who is teaching and she is F* RAD!! So I am in need of tons of awesome yoga gear. The yoga thingy will get a post of it’s own.. I promise
The gym is WOLFPACKGYM and you can rent their mats from Moshi Moshi mind and they er GOOD!
I sweat like a pig when I’m there, to the point of embarrassment, so I need a real yoga towel too. I found out that the gear from Casall it’s pretty great. Hey if you have good recommendations, then let me know.

I wear close to naked when I’m there, so I have been pretty happy with Stellas super duper SHORT tights, I might need them in Black too..
Oh and while we’re at it, since I’ll be having a lot of gear, I need a membership to the gym too, hey go have a look, these peoples are GOOD PEOPLES!!

Enough of the workout n stuff, now to something pretty, Edition Copenhagen is a pretty rad spot to go buy your prints, I am in love with The Vase by Morten Buch
Winter is coming, so glossy blue bear-ish down jacket, is also on the wishlist
No wants and needs without a pair of ‘I will never afford you’ pumps, this time from PRADA at Net-A-Porter

I am the face of the new P.Hertz campaign this Fall/Winter, and I intend to get myself some luxury, such as this beauty, but with Tahiti pearls… WOW!!
Another one from Edition Copenhagen by Diango Hernandez – My Sons and Husbands middle name is Felix.. So it’s pretty obvious that I need this in my life!


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Charlie invited me and my sister to Rihanna tonight, like I almost exploded with joy. I can’t f* wait. Oh and Big Sean and DJ Mustard are coming too..

cdppmko7l Rihanna-Work-Instagram-Headphones-Photo tumblr_nnr3hcf6Vv1qe4ojgo1_500

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Eurowoman & Me

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This month I am featured in the new issue of Eurowoman talking a little about health and beauty. Go get your copy


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Today & Me

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Roskilde Festival Recommendations

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Roskilde Festival has begun, I will only be able to make it Friday this year, but I will hammertime it like there was no tomorrow!!

If you’re wondering what to see I made a list, oh the joy of a lists!
Friday I will be enjoying the company of Young Thug, M83, James Blake, Schoolboy Q, which should have been FUTURE!! The only reason why I wanted to go this year. I suspected as soon as they made it official, that he would cancel.
I will also be seeing S!vas and Stormzy, that’s the plan, but let’s see, I never get to see all the acts I want..

If I was there the entire week, I would definitely be seeing Action Bronson, I’ve seen him 2 times already, first time was a small show, before he blew up, and it was f* MAGICAL!
Vince Staples, I did his warm-up in Copenhagen last year, and he is so good live!
Wiz Khalifa and most awesome Silvana Imam, who actually performed at THRST, when our little HipHop Club was on FIRE!!
I am pretty sad that I don’t get to see Blood Orange and of course House of Pain. I would also have liked to experience Chvrches live and Freddie Gibbs for that matter. Oh and not to mention Wiz Khalifa and Tenacious D just for the fun of it.


ScHoolboy Q.



185f9396ad458ab06016b008dc3e6f61 freddiegibbs2






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Today & Me

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Saturday is my Birthday

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I only seem to grow more awesome as the years past, yeah I said it, I have an awesome family, an awesome job, an awesome cookbook in the making (released next Summer), awesome girlfriends, I live in an awesome city, I have an awesome hairdo and my health is quite alright too.
I believe happiness is what makes it all even more awesome, and I am happy and super excited to celebrate my 31st Birthday this Saturday.
31, I can’t believe it.. I love it thou’

Birthday means presents and CAKE

I discovered THIS collar yesterday, it will probably never be mine, since it is limited to 3o pieces per style. WTF ?!
Dr. Martens has done it again, they F* RULE at making footwear

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 13.38.25

I am still dreaming of the perfect Horchata I had in Mexico, but the mix here would work just fine too

And since there will be no celebrating without cake, I intend to make THE BEST Danish strawberry cake there is!!

I’m very in to Jewellery these days and especially ear studs, RebekkaRebekka sent me a pair a few weeks back, and I absolutely love them.

It will be Fall again and when it sneaks up on me, I would like to be wearing this:

I might get a new Bathroom in the near future, and for that I would like to put all my girly stuff in this cabinet by Nomess

While we are pink’ish I am in love with these MIU MIUs
710484_in_ppI was told that these Karameju brushes work miracles, so therefore I would like one of those as well.


These Nike Air Max Plus SE TN / ADORE

I will also be drinking some of these with lots of dark rum and ginger beer

And a whole different thing is, I would like a Vola Kv1 YELLOW in my new kitchen some day

I always buy a little thing for myself from Pi Bjørg ceramics, this year I think it will be the Cat cup

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Today & Me

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today copy

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I ate my way through NYC for 3 days

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My trip started out quite hectic, since Sabby chose not to go, so I had to go by myself, which was totally fine, the only thing was I know had no F* place to stay, this happened the day before departure, so I THANK GOD for social media platforms, I found a place in East Village, I got an entire flat for the weekend, and it was marvellous. Since I was there by myself I decided to walk and eat and walk and eat an drink ALOT of coffee, cold brew was very popular! I also went sailing on the Circle Line, and a short visit to Brooklyn for my favourite Coconut milkshake in the WORLD!

These buildings matched my outfit that day, super cute
Strike a pose

I was super jetlagged, and it didn’t really go away before I had to leave, which was a good thing.
So I woke up before anything opened but here at Lafayette they opened quite early, a little pricy, but the eggs where DELICIOUS, plus, it’s a great spot for people watching
A brekkie selfie

Miss lily’s was right next to my flat, I love this place, I went there for dinner the last night, Jerk chicken with rice and Beans and a GOOD rum punch
Beautiful floor at my entrance
Crystal garden
Black seed bagels, 1 block away, made the best bagels I have had in ages, I literally went there every morning, and I took home a bunch. Baked right there:
They also served coffee from Stumptown Coffee Roasters
2 egg, avocado and tomato bagel. Pure Awesome

From there to Abraco Espresso, a hole in the wall coffee shop with GREAT coffee and the staff were so friendly too. You tend to speak to every body when travelling by yourself.
image16 IMG_2394 image5
I just had to, Benny loves Burritos.
One of the many things I love about NYC, the Delis and Whole Food Market and their HUGE variety of drinks
One of my favourite places on earth: Doughnut Plant, I seriously ate 2-3 doughnuts a day. The vanilla bean glazed is MOUTH GASM … I bought a box of 6 the day I left. OOPS
image10 image11
Then I went sailing, Fredesblog recommended a ride on the Circle Line, and it was great spending a few hours on the water, working on my tan while having a view of Manhattan from the river, and I got to see Miss Liberty and the bridges.. So Beautiful
IMG_2464 IMG_2457 IMG_2445 IMG_2443 IMG_2438 IMG_2435 IMG_2452
Brooklyn, and a Vanilla Cream Soda
Mullet and Motorcycle
Five Leaves Burger and Spritz, the place was a true hangout but the food wasn’t amazing
What I actually came for in Brooklyn was THE coconut milkshake from Guacuco in Bushwick. I had it before, and it was just as good.
image21 image20
Look up
IMG_2406 IMG_2402
Another good coffee from Everyman Espresso
A VERY good dinner and GT at Mission Chinese Food

Ice coffee and Pink Snakeskin
Aaaaaand another doughnut
Union Square
Pretty Colours


Blue skies
Something fried from Baohaus

I finished my day at Miss Lilys where I had Jerk Chicken with rice and Beans, my cam run out of battery, so I borrowed a picture from here
And just like that 3 days past, and I headed back home to my most awesome family.
Got any questions, let me know. Oh and I give all my recommendations to Mommys out there, having an all you can eat weekend by yourself is truly F* AWESOME!! DO IT!

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Today & Me

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It’s Friday, and it has been ages since I provided ya’ll with tunes for your weekend.

Enjoy tons of new tunes, download & listen to PIXITAPE #13

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Today & Me

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Oh So Soon!

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I’ve been spontaneous for the first time in AGES! Not ‘going to get groceries spontaneous’ – I bought a spontaneous weekend to NYC next weekend, my friend is going and I am crashing her place that weekend. I CAN’T WAIT!! I’ve made dinner AND lunch reservations for the entire weekend, I’ll be eating my way through NYC once again, but this time, no husband or kid, just me. Like when did I ever get excited to go on a plane for 7 hours alone with no wifi. Well I am now, and it MARVELLOUS.

Sabby and I

Noodle Bar Fried Chicken YES PLEASE
We’re staying in Soho, but i fell in love with Bushwick last time I visited, so we’re also going there
We’re going for dinner here
And drinks
I am going shopping, especially for my little human.
We’re going to Salvation Burger


No NY visit goes by, without a stop at Doughnut Plant
DoughmainEVERY DAY


My favourite spot is TJ MAXX, I always leave from there with TONS of good stuff I couldn’t live without


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Isla Holbox #2

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The second and last part of Isla Holbox. We went snorkelling, seeing Dolphins, going to the market, swimming, posing and overall just having a F* GREAT time and enjoying every minute before heading home.

Fresh Tomatoes and Chilis
Benny thought it was a crocodile
Must Live
Mangroves on the way to the Cenote
My little peanut
IMG_1301 IMG_1293
Kimberly’s Laundry services
We went on a dive trip VERY early in the morning and the dolphins followed us all the way out.
Oh and we caught our own ceviche


Pelicans, Og how I love Pelicans
Ceviche, like SO F* GOOD
Make a pose
The local gamecenter
Benny being shy, when his crush Juliette came by
Snack spot
Getting your hair did
My 2 favourites sharing a mango

All by ourselves

Holbox is great for Sunsets


Swimming in a fresh water cenote, just to cool down a little

Another day on the boat

Benny and Martin
We stayed at Holbox Dreams Hotel, a small and AWESOME spot, very close to everything.
Having a chill, it was actually WAY TOO HOT to lie here, but how could I not have a picture of this
More posing and more showing off, just because, WHEN do you ever get to do this in these settings? Where I come from, NEVER!
Our last meal before heading home
And last Sunset-
Holbox THANKS for everything, we will be back, oh so very soon. !!

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The Champ / Mads Nørgaard / Women Deliver

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Copied from the Mads Nørgaard site


The Champ For the Women Deliver 2016 Conference we have created a jacket in collaboration with Gender Sociologist, and wife of Mads Nørgaard, Cecilie Nørgaard from Mangfold and Majken Gilmartin from Eir Soccer.

The conference is the world’s largest conference on health, rights and well-being on girls and women.
Women Deliver believes that when the world invests in girls and women, everybody wins.

We couldn’t agree more, and we are proud to contribute to the Women Deliver Conference in Copenhagen in May 2016.

By merging the power of sport and the aesthetics of fashion, we have created a jacket to symbolize the universal empowerment of girls and women. Inspired by the robe worn by boxers before a big fight the jacket is made in black satin with a jersey lining. The symbols on the jacket’s sleeves and hoodie are inspired by the original symbols of gender, interpreted in new ways to welcome diversity.

The number five on the back of the jacket is directly linked to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in which goal number five is about gender equality. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals is joined by all countries within the UN.

About the participants:
In Mangfold Cecilie Nørgaard disseminates knowledge on gender and diversity through versatile scientific and creative approaches. She is determined to integrate research-based gender perspectives in education and in culture in general.
Learn more: www.cecilienorgaard.com

The promise of Eir Soccer is to embrace all competitive, playful and recreational aspects of soccer. Eir Soccer is committed to raising awareness of gender equality and access to all thorugh soccer. Learn more: www.eirsoccer.com

Women Deliver 2016 takes place from May 16-19, 2016, in Copenhagen.


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Today & Me

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