Allan Bestle

December 7th, 2016 by Christel Pixi · Uncategorized

I am a big fan of the work by Allan Bestle, and he just launched his new website, where you can browse through all his work, go have a look, its MAGIC




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Today & Me

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Bowl Market

November 25th, 2016 by Christel Pixi · Uncategorized

There’s a new spot in town, and it so happens to be in my hood, BOWL MARKET, – Something I have been missing a lot, a breakfast spot, which opens early, so you actually can eat breakfast before going to work, and if you’re in a hurry, you can take it on the go. I have only had the porridges, and they are marvellous, not only ’cause they taste good, they serve you a serious sized bowl (THANK YOU), and they put 2 layers of topping, kinda like a trifli, so porridge, topping, porridge, and then topping : GENIUS!!!!! The prices are good, and the staff super duper friendly. GO VISIT!!

Here I had the The Classic porridge with salted almonds, caramel sauce and apples. Oh and I ate it all.


Oh and for the gluten frees, they make that too.


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Today & Me

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My little Peanut will start kindergarten in 1 week, how did this happen so fast?
That also means I am gonna make him awesome lunches everyday, like my Mom always did, she is the bomb by the way!! I wanted to find him an awesome lunchbox (yeah I know there are more important things in life, than a rad lunchbox) but I have been looking forward to this, and I like STUFF and even more I like AWESOME stuff. So I got him a kids Bento Box from MonBento. You can customise the colours and the food stays fresh and crisp, and even better they are:

Microwave-safe (without lids)
Food grade

These are the Tresor kids lunchboxes, I got Benny the green one

monbento-tresor-review-from-eats-amazing-uk-cute-and-colourful-bento-box-for-kids monbento-lunch-box-kids-bento-box-mb-tresor-kiwi-green monbento-lunch-box-kids-bento-box-mb-tresor-kiwi-green-2 foto-detskij-lanch-boks-monbento-mb-tresor-kiwi-photo1_enl

It’s pretty cute if you ask me!!




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Today & Me

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I was asked some time in the Summer, if I would like to be the face of the new P.HERTZ  campaign, they wanted to express confidence, coolness and push some boundaries and tell the world that their jewellery are for everybody not just the Royalty. YES, you heard me, they make fab jewellery to the f* ROYALTY, and they wanted me as the face of their campaign. STOKED & PROUD!
The 2nd part of the campaign was released yesterday and I am so pleased with it, and I am so proud to be a part of this.

How f* COOL IS THIS?? Oh and not to mention Berit Hertz, who run the show, she is so cool. Stop by the shop and have a browse, they are so friendly and they have the most BEAUTIFUL pearls, and it’s A okay to only have a browse and get inspired and dream…. Oh because you will dream og those big rocks.

Have a look:


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The Mascara Jungle

November 23rd, 2016 by Christel Pixi · Uncategorized

I seem to use my mascara way too fast. Like this morning where I squeezed the last out of it. So I am looking for a new mascara, and there are ALOT to choose from WOW, it’s a Freakin’ jungle- I fell in love with the Eyeko from OtherStories, even though I had never tried them, so I might go for those, I also fell in love with 8 other ones, PLEASE send you recommendations my way, I have been looking at:

The Eye do from Eyeko
uk200011821_eyeko eyeko-cm-landscape

The Bombazine Black from &Other Stories
I have used Kat Von D make up after I dj’ed at her Sephora Launch, and it is GOOD

When I was younger I really liked this one from MaxFactormax-factor-mascara-masterpiece-max-01-black
I also used this one from L’oréal for a couple of years, I might go back to this one
19764373-origpic-8d8178_zps933898b8 mascarawands
Way too many to choose from

I ran out of this awesome everyday mascara from Benefit, this morning. I might need this one again.


This one caught me eye, just cause it’s pretty, but is it good? 85623-forside

Maybelline, I have used some of those too, the Yellow one is pretty awesome..
best-maybelline-mascara-for-length-volume maybelline-mascara-colossal-waterproof-classic-black-041554197044-o

I have never tried Too Faced, but maybe I should?

g_80018 9f219313e43ec823b0d52e7edfe52dd1
Last but not least, Sephora!!

HELP a girl out, which to choose?

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Today & Me

November 22nd, 2016 by Christel Pixi · Uncategorized


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The Pink Oasis

November 22nd, 2016 by Christel Pixi · Uncategorized

The Sun rose and transformed my bedroom into a magical pink oasis this morning


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November 21st, 2016 by Christel Pixi · Uncategorized

My weekend was better than good, I had so much fun, dining with Boo at home drinking good wine, having drinks with my sister, baking, being a silly Mom and biking around Copenhagen in the cold.

I made salted chocolate cookies, the recipe will be in my book which will be out next Autumn. SO F* EXCITED!!
I also found this old note from Milky, when we redecorated the apartment. She invited me to Berlin, remember?
Winter has come, and I drink at least 1 hot chocolate a day. I’m obsessed!
Han Kjøbenhavn, are keeping me warm these days with my new Favourite wool pants
This weekend was shitty cold, but absolutely beautiful.
My cutiepie inherited his Daddys old Star wars toys. How awesome is that? He was so happy, that he made them a bed in his bed, so they could sleep there last night.
We have painted the place crisp white again, and redecorated. I F* LOVE OUR FLAT!!
No weekend shall pass without a croissant… These are from Democratic coffee, THE BEST in town.

Being hungry and healthy

I made granola too, I am dreaming about making a breakfast cookbook after my Cake book with Årstiderne.
More colours
This morning, he got attitude and he is not even 3Y yet!! Laaaaaaaawd

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I got a new dress

November 20th, 2016 by Christel Pixi · Uncategorized


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Support for Joey Purp

November 18th, 2016 by Christel Pixi · Uncategorized

Joey Purp visited Copenhagen and I was booked as the warm up, these guys are rad and not to mention those tunes tho’ – Go have a listen at his Soundcloud

Oh and I dyed my hair, so will the real Slim Shady please stand up!


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$uicideboy$ / ETERNAL GREY

November 18th, 2016 by Christel Pixi · Uncategorized

I shared it when they released High Tide in The Snake’s nest, and it was love at first listen. In september they released ETERNAL GREY, which is some of the best tunes I have heard in 2016. Just click the link and download the album and turn the Volume UP!!!! Download all their tunes here


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November 18th, 2016 by Christel Pixi · Uncategorized

Let’s just say my last post was on the Rihanna concert in Copenhagen, that ended well. We ended up backstage and went with her and her posse clubbing and hanging out and drinking all night, so let’s just say that since that night, I haven’t been able to top it with anything. Just high on life..
That’s a pretty awesome excuse tho’ –
I have also been lazy and busy and I have put my family before my social media life, and I kinda like it like that. But I do miss blogging on Cristalmilk.

And I miss sharing my wishlist and mixtape and so on. So I might get my sh*t back together and go back to sharing all my ideas, pics, point of view, pretty stuff and materialist awesomeness

It’s Christmas next month, and I wanna be spoiled with all kinds of stuff.. I am dreaming of all kinds of sh*t, even a new plant, a new fragrance, something with silk and NEW HEELS

I grew up with these in my childhood home, I want one too.
It is no secret that some of my fav shoes are Dr. Martens and these beauties would fit me just perfect

I recently visited The Conran Shop in Chelsea London, and I fell in love with this fragrance from Etat Libre D’orange True Lust

Oh and I have a new obsession, I have been doing Bikram Yoga these past 2 months and it’s addictive and it works wonders, and it is my friend Sofie who is teaching and she is F* RAD!! So I am in need of tons of awesome yoga gear. The yoga thingy will get a post of it’s own.. I promise
The gym is WOLFPACKGYM and you can rent their mats from Moshi Moshi mind and they er GOOD!
I sweat like a pig when I’m there, to the point of embarrassment, so I need a real yoga towel too. I found out that the gear from Casall it’s pretty great. Hey if you have good recommendations, then let me know.

I wear close to naked when I’m there, so I have been pretty happy with Stellas super duper SHORT tights, I might need them in Black too..
Oh and while we’re at it, since I’ll be having a lot of gear, I need a membership to the gym too, hey go have a look, these peoples are GOOD PEOPLES!!

Enough of the workout n stuff, now to something pretty, Edition Copenhagen is a pretty rad spot to go buy your prints, I am in love with The Vase by Morten Buch
Winter is coming, so glossy blue bear-ish down jacket, is also on the wishlist
No wants and needs without a pair of ‘I will never afford you’ pumps, this time from PRADA at Net-A-Porter

I am the face of the new P.Hertz campaign this Fall/Winter, and I intend to get myself some luxury, such as this beauty, but with Tahiti pearls… WOW!!
Another one from Edition Copenhagen by Diango Hernandez – My Sons and Husbands middle name is Felix.. So it’s pretty obvious that I need this in my life!


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July 7th, 2016 by Christel Pixi · Uncategorized

Charlie invited me and my sister to Rihanna tonight, like I almost exploded with joy. I can’t f* wait. Oh and Big Sean and DJ Mustard are coming too..

cdppmko7l Rihanna-Work-Instagram-Headphones-Photo tumblr_nnr3hcf6Vv1qe4ojgo1_500

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Eurowoman & Me

June 27th, 2016 by Christel Pixi · Uncategorized

This month I am featured in the new issue of Eurowoman talking a little about health and beauty. Go get your copy


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Today & Me

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Roskilde Festival Recommendations

June 27th, 2016 by Christel Pixi · Uncategorized

Roskilde Festival has begun, I will only be able to make it Friday this year, but I will hammertime it like there was no tomorrow!!

If you’re wondering what to see I made a list, oh the joy of a lists!
Friday I will be enjoying the company of Young Thug, M83, James Blake, Schoolboy Q, which should have been FUTURE!! The only reason why I wanted to go this year. I suspected as soon as they made it official, that he would cancel.
I will also be seeing S!vas and Stormzy, that’s the plan, but let’s see, I never get to see all the acts I want..

If I was there the entire week, I would definitely be seeing Action Bronson, I’ve seen him 2 times already, first time was a small show, before he blew up, and it was f* MAGICAL!
Vince Staples, I did his warm-up in Copenhagen last year, and he is so good live!
Wiz Khalifa and most awesome Silvana Imam, who actually performed at THRST, when our little HipHop Club was on FIRE!!
I am pretty sad that I don’t get to see Blood Orange and of course House of Pain. I would also have liked to experience Chvrches live and Freddie Gibbs for that matter. Oh and not to mention Wiz Khalifa and Tenacious D just for the fun of it.


ScHoolboy Q.



185f9396ad458ab06016b008dc3e6f61 freddiegibbs2






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Today & Me

June 6th, 2016 by Christel Pixi · Uncategorized


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