I ate my way through NYC for 3 days

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My trip started out quite hectic, since Sabby chose not to go, so I had to go by myself, which was totally fine, the only thing was I know had no F* place to stay, this happened the day before departure, so I THANK GOD for social media platforms, I found a place in East Village, I got an entire flat for the weekend, and it was marvellous. Since I was there by myself I decided to walk and eat and walk and eat an drink ALOT of coffee, cold brew was very popular! I also went sailing on the Circle Line, and a short visit to Brooklyn for my favourite Coconut milkshake in the WORLD!

These buildings matched my outfit that day, super cute
Strike a pose

I was super jetlagged, and it didn’t really go away before I had to leave, which was a good thing.
So I woke up before anything opened but here at Lafayette they opened quite early, a little pricy, but the eggs where DELICIOUS, plus, it’s a great spot for people watching
A brekkie selfie

Miss lily’s was right next to my flat, I love this place, I went there for dinner the last night, Jerk chicken with rice and Beans and a GOOD rum punch
Beautiful floor at my entrance
Crystal garden
Black seed bagels, 1 block away, made the best bagels I have had in ages, I literally went there every morning, and I took home a bunch. Baked right there:
They also served coffee from Stumptown Coffee Roasters
2 egg, avocado and tomato bagel. Pure Awesome

From there to Abraco Espresso, a hole in the wall coffee shop with GREAT coffee and the staff were so friendly too. You tend to speak to every body when travelling by yourself.
image16 IMG_2394 image5
I just had to, Benny loves Burritos.
One of the many things I love about NYC, the Delis and Whole Food Market and their HUGE variety of drinks
One of my favourite places on earth: Doughnut Plant, I seriously ate 2-3 doughnuts a day. The vanilla bean glazed is MOUTH GASM … I bought a box of 6 the day I left. OOPS
image10 image11
Then I went sailing, Fredesblog recommended a ride on the Circle Line, and it was great spending a few hours on the water, working on my tan while having a view of Manhattan from the river, and I got to see Miss Liberty and the bridges.. So Beautiful
IMG_2464 IMG_2457 IMG_2445 IMG_2443 IMG_2438 IMG_2435 IMG_2452
Brooklyn, and a Vanilla Cream Soda
Mullet and Motorcycle
Five Leaves Burger and Spritz, the place was a true hangout but the food wasn’t amazing
What I actually came for in Brooklyn was THE coconut milkshake from Guacuco in Bushwick. I had it before, and it was just as good.
image21 image20
Look up
IMG_2406 IMG_2402
Another good coffee from Everyman Espresso
A VERY good dinner and GT at Mission Chinese Food

Ice coffee and Pink Snakeskin
Aaaaaand another doughnut
Union Square
Pretty Colours


Blue skies
Something fried from Baohaus

I finished my day at Miss Lilys where I had Jerk Chicken with rice and Beans, my cam run out of battery, so I borrowed a picture from here
And just like that 3 days past, and I headed back home to my most awesome family.
Got any questions, let me know. Oh and I give all my recommendations to Mommys out there, having an all you can eat weekend by yourself is truly F* AWESOME!! DO IT!

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