Marbella, Malaga & My BFF

April 25th, 2017 by Christel Pixi · No Comments · Uncategorized

Tomorrow VERY early I’ll be leaving to visit my BF Manja who recently moved to Marbella with her family, just like that they moved and I LOVE & respect them for being so darn courageous and doing what comes to their mind, and not worrying about what others would have done, they are so f* DOPE, and big inspiration to me and my family.
I can’t F* wait to just chill with her kids and hang out with Manja on the patio and drink some chilled wine. OH, and I will also be visiting my childhood home, YES I grew up in Malaga, Spain, and I haven’t been back in 15 years. I am thrilled, I was thinking about knocking on the door and asking the new owners if I could have a look at my old room, I have so many memories from that time..


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  • Holla if you feel like it!

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