It’s Ma Birthday ALREADY.. Or Sunday that is

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I feel 28 and I believe I will the rest of my life, so that’s just great! It’s NO secret that I love when it’s my birthday, I love celebrating me, and being celebrated, I don’t get why it’s not ‘acceptable’ to feel that way?! Well I don’t really give a datum about that, I love serving cake to everybody AND getting presents, who doesn’t really?

No Birthday without the never ending WISH list, I am no older than 6 years old when it comes to that, I remember being 6 years old, and circling the toys I wanted in the toy magazine in the mail box, then giving it to my Mom, like here you go…

I will wear lipstick till the day I die, this is my favourite and has been for YEARS!! Ruby Woo Matte from Mac Cosmetics 

Just WOW! WANT GUCCI Shades from Net-A-Porter

I’m getting older in that sense, that I really want stuff for my kitchen, and I have been wanting a dope blender for years, now it’s time MAGIMIX 

I need to say no more, MARNI & More Marni.. Love these, they’ll go well with my new job. F* YAY

My new favourite face brand is Mario Badescu from, like it really works, and the prices are GREAT! You can actually afford it!

My kitchen weight just broke, so I definitely need a new one, with all that baking going on

I am a super fan of Adidas by Stella Mccartney, I love ALL OF IT, but this especially

Moshi Moshi mind, providing your ass with the best Yoga gear, their tights don’t crawl up your a$$ and it’s amazing, this one is new, might need that one too.

I’ve heard ALOT good stuff about the B&O Play headphones, and I’ll be travelling quite alot in the nea future, so these babies are also on my wishlist!! THNX

More Adidas VERY good for Bikram at Wolfpackgym with Sofie

Pearls & Rocks and gold and just pure love to P.Hertz for providing the people with awesome jewellery, this one is my new favourite — Oh and if you’re having a look at the website, check out who’s eating a very expensive diamond bling ring – ME

Even more Adidas, these are so F* RAD and would look fab on me too.. Yeah I said it

This is just dream thinking, never in my lifetime would I afford a piece like this, but DAYUM it’s ADORABLE, PRADA I love you

Still Adidas and Stella

Handmixer, never ever NOT have one at home, mine just broke, I may have overused it, if that’s possible.

THESE babies, they are perfect for keeping out the open office noise, also genius for my new job!!

You can never have too many pair of shades, and if your bank account is juiced up, then you might as well get these Dolce & Gabbanas.. WOW

It’s no secret that I like to travel, and I like to read about travelling, and LOVE Condé Nast Traveller Magazine, and I would love a subscription to it

I’ve wanted the Black Beauty Duffle bag from Headporter for YEARS… I’ma get it now

Favorite bedlinen brand is TEKLA fabrics, I might need the Cotton Sateen for Summer, or this amazing blue:

NEED new towels too

My list will never end, but this’ll do for now



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