Marbella & Manja

May 29th, 2017 by Christel Pixi · 1 Comment · Travel

My BF Manja, my girl who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing in almost 20 years, WOW! As I told you here, she is so F* awesome and decided to move to Marbella with her fams, and that of course cannot happen without me visiting as as soon as they were settled. WHAT A F* AWESOME gem they’ve found right there in amazing Spain. I grew up in Malaga, and I was so excited to be back, and we even visited my childhood home, and I rang my neighbours door and they still f* lived there, that was AMAZEBALLS!
I had such a fantastic time just hanging out and chilling og the porch and catching up and not to mention her CUTE kids. I’ll be back very soon Mana.

Room with a view, pretty much

That was my room

Having a hotel bathroom requires a mirror selfie

GEM, I wanna live here

Manja & Benja chilling on the porch

Manja & Holly

I basically had these everyday when we lived here

Grocery shopping detour

Sweet spreads… for days

Candy … for days

The soda isle

Íberico Ham

Fried Calamari



& Vegas… I love you guys

Pooling & Coolin’

The day i rained we went shopping, I bought so manu ceramics, that I had overweight AGAIN!

Nice packaging, for very awesome sugar

FAVORITE dessert in the world

Tanning and talking

This is El Coto, from here I could remember the drive to my childhood home, we used to come here after school and have tortilla and bollycao

And here it is, it used to white and I remember it as so much bigger, we rang the doorbell but nobody was home, I would have loved to see my old room.


A little batch of my overweight, I bought snacks for my Boo

Gonna see you again soon Mana – Smooches – LATER

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  • 1 Mana // Jun 2, 2017 at 11:05

    Loved it! Cooome back! <3

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