Oaxaca part 2 / Puerto Escondido & Playa Agua Blanca

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Go have a look at part 1 here: Oaxaca part 1 / Oaxaca Cuty & Teotitlàn del Valle

It seems like I can only get my shit together and write, when I have something brilliant to share, or I’ve been out travelling and I wanna share it with the world in case you should feel like heading that way too.

I would say that all our money goes into grocery shopping and traveling, we travel as a family 1 month every March, and then we tend go FAR away. For those who don’t know we are based out of Copenhagen, so everywhere we go is usually cheaper and warmer than here.
Benny is used to Traveling by now, he turned 4 on the trip. We always bring him headphones, a kids sleeping bag and a kids neck support, then he can sleep on the floor all comfy on the night planes, and watch a lot of movies and have snacks, and days before departing we go buy a travelkit colouring book so he knows what’s up.

This year we chose Oaxaca in Mexico, we visited Mexico for the first time 2016, have a look at Tulum here and Isla Holbox here.
We wanted to visit all of Oaxaca the entire Region, but that’s pretty tuff with a 4 year old, when you only have 1 month, the reason why we wanted to go; we saw this episode of Vice Munchies and then we were hooked and we bought tickets right away.
We bought tickets Copenhagen-Oaxaca City, and the return tickets, were Mexico City-Copenhagen, so everything in between we figured out along the way.
We ended up flying from Huatulco Airport at the coast to Mexico city the same day as our departure from Mexico City and we ordered the tickets 1 week in advance, and we could even return the car at that little airport too. I use Momondo for all tickets except Aerotucan.

We wanted to do, see, eat as much as possible. We landed in Oaxaca city, a very little airport and we took the small shuttle busses out front which were 25pesos per person, and were super comfy. We had 5 days in Oaxaca city and it was absolutely perfect, we stayed at Hotel Santa Helena Plaza which I booked by Hotels.com. We even had 1 day out of the city visiting Teotitlàn Del Valle, a little town who’s occupants are Master Weavers and it was beautiful, and I bought 3 wool handwoven carpets, which took up an entire suitcase. OOPS! We booked a taxi driver for an entire day from our hotel, with our very little Spanish and google translate I fixed up something and our Taxi driver was the F’ BOMB!

Going from Oaxaca City to Puerto Escondido. We left the City in a tiny airplane suited for 6 People, the Pilot greeted us at the airport and made handwritten Boarding Passes, and then we checked in. MAGICAL! The flight from Oaxaca City to Puerto Escondido was 25 minutes, the drive is around 7-8 hours, and as the locals said, you have to have a good stomach, to do the drive, and I don’t, even though I really wanted to do the drive. We ended up flying, and it was app. …. and we flew with AeroTucán. I had only browsed for info on this matter before we left, and we decided what we wanted to do when we got to Oaxaca City. Even though we travel as a family with a kid, I don’t think you have to plan everything beforehand.
When we arrived at Puerto Escondido we had rented a little red car at Los Tres Reyes and then we headed for our first Airbnb rental in Playa Agua Blanca 40 minutes from the city, an Architectural pearl without electricity, so we had solar panel lamps at night, ’cause I’m telling you is was DARK! Dark like you couldn’t see your hand in front of you. And the Starry Sky was unbelievable beautiful and bright. We stayed here for 1 week, and explored the area, which had 1 road  handful of seafood restaurants, the best seafood there is, OYSTER HEAVEN! Oh and Lobsters and shrimp.
From there we moved to our last Airbnb rental, which turned out to be just down the road, served Breakfast too, this was ‘only’ a room, but it was front row to 18km of beach which only occupants were us, I have never experienced anything like this.
During this month in Oaxaca, we dived with Dolphins, Humpback whales, we helped rescue Sea turtle Hatchlings at Playa Escobilla, we ate some of the best food I have ever had in my life, we drove for miles in this rural part of Mexico with vultures always hangin’ in the sky waiting, with fresh Coconuts, Watermelon, Mango and Pineapples everywhere you looked, the kindness and hospitality of the people was overwhelming and not to mention the Local Mezcal and Coffee ! SUBLIME!

Well I could keep on blapping, but I have tons of pictures which say more than words, if you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to either comment or send me a mail at Cristalmilk@gmail.com.

Leaving Oaxaca City in a tiny plane operated by Aerotucàn


Benny doesn’t look impressed by the situtation but he sure was.

Take off

And go, we could se the tangling road up and down the mountains that we were supposed to have driven, and I was pretty glad, that we chose to fly, I would have vomitted the entire way.

Arriving in Puerto Escondido, and ready to explore the area. We rented a little red car, and it was perfect. The AC was very much appreciated. With a bit of a hazzle we finally found our amazing rental, and we were so excited, and even more excited to try living without electricity for a week. It went totally dark around 7pm, so we turned on our solar lamps and played cards and read books. An absolute privilege to get to not use your phones and just be there.

It even came with a pool

And hammocks

And a grill

Like need I say more?

Every night we fell a sleep right here, with open doors and just listening to the ocean. Gosh I’m poetic, but it’s true.

The first couple of days we spent right here and exploring the small area

This is taken from the roof, you could sleep on the roof too. LIKE HOW AWESOME IS THAT!

at night

We literally has the beach all to ourselves for weeks

And as I mentioned earlier this spot is oyster heaven. A plate like this, fresh out the sea was $ 2

No Vacayong without something coconutty

And no visiting Mexico with out having Magaritas everyday

Oysters and Drinks and seriously in need of a tan.

Our local spot just a few steps down the road

My favourites

All to ourselves

CHeetos and bravery, the beach is called Playa Agua Blanca, ’cause the waves are white all your ’round.

I have so many pictures of trees and flowers, it is way more dry down here, so the colours are so beautiful and pale. We passed this palm everyday, and it was just beautiful

This wall sign, inspired me to the cover on my new book! YUP! One of the things a truly love about this region, all signs are handmade and painted.

Mangos, mangos EVERYWHERE, just outside growing like weed everywhere.

Downtown Puerto Escondido

We went beaching EVERYDAY! On the beaches you got the best food

Like fresh shrimp tacos

And a lobster with Oaxaca cheese, the next day we asked just to grill it no cheese! MUCH BETTER

We ended up joining a Mexican Birthday party on the beach and they had this meszcal, and it was the best I ever had!

Cheese and Hot sauce at the Market in Downtown Puerto Escondido


Meat & Flowers

More Meat
Dried meat and Iphone

Went here for Taquitos

And more Horchata

Fruit Loops by the kilo

In Downtown Puerto Escondido we went here, a local very packed place, and we had THE BEST food

The best sunsets were without a doubt at La Punta! The waves are way too big to bring kids for an entire day, it’s more of a surf area, but it’s definitely worth multiple visits.

One of my favourite pictures from our trip is this one

Coconut Shrimp

Beach food! YAAAAAAS

Beach flan YAAAAAAS!

Then we moved to our other rental, and it was magical, we had the entire half of the house, and the pool, with direct entrance to the beach.

Benny was pretty stoked. We all slept so tight, the soothing sound of the Ocean, is so amazing. When we got back home to Copenhagen, it was all so quiet of a sudden. We hadn’t noticed the sound of the waves being so loud. 
Every morning we had fruit fromt he garden

That’s our spot

Don’t mind me, I’m just laying here

Benny ADORES turtles, all kinds. Andrea which we rented the house from, said we should drive to Escobilla just 10 minutes down the road, and help sea turtles to the Ocean for a little fee, that goes to the Sanctuary of protecting the Sea turtles. It was cloudy and lightning and the Sun slowly set, and we helped the little ones to the sea. This is a 50km seaturtle sanctuary protected beach, with egg shells all over the place and vultures just sitting there waiting. It was impressive to watch.

Benny was so excited he cried, it was quite overwhelming for him, seeing these small turtles getting slammed into the big waves. But it was an amazing experience for him too.

The we ate at Comedor Christina, just at the road side

She made the best homemade tortillas I have ever had.

And she had a parrot

People just chilling in the local river

Even though it has Crocs

Eating some more

Playa Carazalillo, was my favourite beach, except our own. It is a small beach, the water is calm and beautiful, the only thing is, you have to walk quite many steps to get up and down, so bring what you need to begin with, especially cash!

Oyster shell

Fried Beach snacks with cabbage and potatoes

One day we drove to Mazunte to visit the Sea Turtle Sanctuary, this are is more touristy that the other places we went, it was a super laid back, hippie feeling in town, and the beach was beautiful too. There was also a Lizzard

When you drank your fresh coconut, they took out the meet and bagged it for you as a snack! YES PLEASE

Time to eat, in Mazunte we had lunch just of the beach


And then we went to visit 6 different type of sea turtle of all ages.

We had booked a trip out sailing from Puerto Angelito, also a fantastic and very local beach, we were picked super early from the beach, and we had the time of our lives.

We had no expectations, we just wanted to have a day at sea. Just when we got out a big Humpback Whale mother and baby came out of the sea, followed by 3 different sea turtle species and so many spinner dolphins we couldn’t even count them, and on top of that a big stingray jump out of the sea and flipped around, Benny was ecstatic

And on the way home he passed out, too much excitement at once I guess.

A month passed quite fast and suddenly it was time to leave, we fell in love with Oaxaca, we even look at properties there. I will give this place ALL my recommendations with or without kids, JUST GO! If you have any questions at all just ask.

My top 3 Beaches:


If you want to read of about the first part of the trip in Oaxaca city go HERE.

Oh and did I tell I had 2 extra suitcases with me back? WTF! Here’s just some of the stuff i took home.

And look how AMAZEBALL my carpet is!



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